An Invitation to Help End Gun Violence in Colorado

We invite you and your congregation to join Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence (CFCU).

We are a growing coalition of Colorado congregations and organizations that include the Abrahamic and other faith traditions working together to support legislation and policies at the state and national level designed to reduce the current levels of violence arising out of the improper use of firearms.

Despite our diverse faith traditions, we are propelled by our collective belief in the sacredness of human life and the call to take action to protect and preserve it.

Membership in CFCU is simple and is available on three levels:


Participating Congregations

Your congregation determines that it wishes to support this effort.

Your congregation appoints at least one member (preferably two) who will attend the coalition meetings, vote on behalf of your congregation, and help develop and carry out programs and policies that support our mission through the work of our “Strategic Focus Area” groups.

Your congregation may have as many as two voting members and as many additional attending members as you wish. All are invited to help develop and carry out our programs and policies.

Your congregation will make a modest contribution annually to support the administrative needs of the coalition, in the range of $35-$100/year, depending on congregation size.


Endorsing Congregations

Your congregation carries out all of the obligations of a Participating Congregation, plus will adopt an official statement endorsing the goals of the coalition. (A sample endorsing INVITATION PACKET – CONGREGATIONS for download)

Friend of CFCU

Friends of CFCU is a membership category for individual supporters of Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence (CFCU) who have no current congregational affiliation or have a congregational affiliation that is not an active member congregation of CFCU.

Individuals are invited to attend and participate in all CFCU general meetings and all Strategic Focus Area group meetings and programs. There are no membership fees and there are no voting privileges associated with the Friends category. Contributions to CFCU, however, are welcome.

Friends of CFCU understand that CFCU is a faith-based organization, representing a variety of faith traditions. While member congregations have different faith beliefs, all are united in the belief that human life is sacred and our belief systems call us to do everything possible to protect and preserve human life.

Friends of CFCU will be placed on the CFCU mailing list to receive all meeting announcements and notes. They will also comprise a separate “Friends Rapid Response Network” and will receive updates on legislative activities with suggestions that they contact legislators and/or attend legislative hearings to show support or opposition to gun legislation. They would also be free to present testimony on gun legislation as a representative of CFCU.

Friend of CFCU application form


As our numbers grow, so does our ability to make and impact significant change in Colorado’s gun safety environment.

Here is a link to download and print the information on this page: Invitation Packet