Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Coalition is to help decrease the gun deaths and injuries in Colorado caused by the improper use of firearms by undertaking at least one unified effort per year in each of the following:


Strategic Focus Areas

ADVOCACYactively supporting policies that reduce gun violence.

Project: Much of the work of the Advocacy SFA revolves around gun bill activity at the Colorado state legislature. During the legislative session from January to May, we notify individuals from CFCU congregations and mosques about important gun legislation and when they should contact specific state legislators, via a Rapid Response Network. We make the process easy by providing talking points and contact information. We also help organize people from CFCU who want to testify at hearings about gun bills. Nationally, we keep an eye on legislation and contact our Congressional officials when needed.

During election years, we help congregations and mosques run voter registration drives and involve their congregants in local elections (without endorsing candidates).

Contacts: Julie Meyers (First Unitarian) and Wayne Laws (Mountain View United Church, Aurora)


ACTION Pursuing programmatic (non-legislative) strategies likely to reduce gun deaths and related violence e.g. public education and social media campaigns, disinvestment or community organizing strategies etc.

Project: Our goal is to reduce gun injuries and deaths (accidental, intentional and suicide) in our communities by focusing on gun safety education as a means to address this growing public health epidemic in two ways: (1) a prevention-oriented outreach campaign to healthcare systems and providers, designed to promote more screening for guns in the home, coupled with patient safety education and improved public information on web sites; and (2) a parent education program about safety measures that can be taken to reduce the risks of guns in the home.

Contacts: Alice Silver (Washington Park UCC) and Alana Smart (B’nai Havurah)


AWARENESS – Working to reduce gun violence by providing resources for CFCU and its member congregations.

2017 Projects: 1) establish a “key communicator” network of representatives from each CFCU member congregation; 2) develop and distribute, through the key communicator network, materials for inclusion in congregational orders of service, periodic publications, email blasts and the like; 3) work with the Outreach SFA to provide resources for congregations considering CFCU affiliation; and 4) maintain CFCU’s web presence at cfcu-co.org

Contacts: Dick Anderson (First Plymouth UCC), Kathy Smith (Jefferson Unitarian Church) and Gene Drumm (First Universalist)


OUTREACH – Working 1) to reach out to non-participating congregations and mosques who may have an interest in our work in order to encourage their active involvement in CFCU and 2) to assist currently participating congregations and mosques in moving their membership towards a statement from their congregation/mosque endorsing the goals and work of CFCU.


  1. Develop a recruitment package for use with prospective new congregations and mosques that includes an invitation letter, a description of CFCU goals and objectives, current participating congregations and mosques, and a sample endorsement statement.
  2. Develop a target list of prospective congregations and mosques to contact for discussing their potential involvement with CFCU. Using the recruitment package, contact those congregations/mosques and discuss their potential involvement.
  3. Identify currently participating congregations and mosques that may need assistance in moving their congregations/mosques toward making a formal endorsement of the CFCU mission.


Contact: Jerry Arca (First Plymouth, UCC) and Gordon Kieft (Calvary Baptist)