Advocacy Strategic Focus Area: actively supporting policies that reduce gun violence.

In 2013, the Colorado Legislature passed a number of gun laws that made Colorado safer. With each successive legislative session, attempts have been made to repeal these laws. Through advocacy by CFCU and other gun violence prevention groups, these laws have been successfully defended. The Advocacy Strategic Focus Area monitors state legislative sessions and activates a Rapid Response Network to provide information on gun bills as they come before legislative committees. We envision each congregation developing it’s own list of interested congregants who would be willing to respond to notifications about imminent votes on relevant gun legislation. The document How to Develop a CFCU Rapid Response Network in Your Congregation will help you develop and use that list.

The success of our efforts rests with many congregants contacting legislators or testifying at the State House. We are happy to help you organize your congregation.

Advocacy SFA Co-Chairs

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