We are members of diverse faith communities committed to building consensus and support in our communities for steps that will turn our collective grief into shared hope. Together, let us join in the efforts to build communities of peace. The purpose of this community of faith organizations is to help end the deaths and injuries in Colorado caused by the use of firearms.

Guiding Principles

  • Each congregation will continue to work on this issue in the ways that are appropriate to their members
  • Decision making for coalition endorsed activities will be by consensus only; if consensus cannot be reached, a proposed action will not be pursued as a coalition project, though congregations may choose to work independently.
  • Coalition activities should complement existing efforts and encourage new initiatives.
  • The Coalition will serve as a resource for information sharing and technical assistance among member congregations.
  • The Coalition will frame its activities as promoting policies that end gun deaths and violence in Colorado caused by the use of firearms.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Coalition is to help end the gun deaths and injuries in Colorado caused by the use of firearms by undertaking at least one unified effort per year in each of the following Strategic Focus Areas:

Advocacy (Legislative) – actively supporting governmental policies and officials that promote policies that end gun deaths and violence.

Action – pursuing strategies likely to reduce gun deaths and related violence e.g. social media campaigns, disinvestment or community organizing strategies

Awareness – increasing public awareness about the need for reducing gun deaths, proven solutions and addressing gun violence as a public health issue.

Our Leadership

Jerry Arca, First Plymouth Congregational Church, UCC, email

David Livingston, First Universalist Unitarian Church, email

Alana Smart, B’nai Havurah, Denver. email